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Скачать CSI Computer Crime and Security Survey 2007 бесплатно

CSI Computer Crime and Security Survey 2007
2008 | PDF | 1.9 MB | 30 pages

The Computer Crime and Security Survey is conducted by CSI annually. The aim of this effort is to raise the level of security awareness, as well as help determine the scope of computer crime in the United States.
For the past five years, this survey—perhaps the most widely quoted set of statistics in the industry—has shown a drop in average estimated losses due to cybercrime. This year, however, the tide has turned and respondents have reported a significant upswing.

Because this is the longest-running survey in the information security field, it’s possible to see that losses climbed steadily before the loss numbers began to fall in 2002. The losses at their peak were still dramatically higher than they are this year. The drop from that peak came as a surprise to many and indeed no small amount of reflection has been invested in sorting out just how it could be that security practitioners thought they were losing less and less money.


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