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Скачать KPMG 2007 - Investment in the People’s Republic of China бесплатно

KPMG 2007 - Investment in the People’s Republic of China
PDF | 44 pages | English | 1.8 MB

This publication presents an overview of matters to be considered by those thinking of investing in the People's Republic of China (PRC).


Bamboo is a traditional material which has adapted to modern uses. It’s strong; it’s versatile; and it grows incredibly fast.

Much the same can be said of China. Its people are adapting fast to the challenges of globalisation. Its economy is now established, both as a manufacturing centre and a consumer market.

Business opportunities abound in China, but achieving success requires patience, as well as understanding. It requires an appreciation of China’s unique history and society. It also requires a willingness to explore markets and identify risks as they exist in each locale.

This guide offers an introductory overview of things to consider when investing in China, drawing from KPMG’s
60 years in the region.


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