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Скачать The Economist - The World in 2008 бесплатно

The Economist - The World in 2008
270 pages | PDF | 5 MB

The 22nd edition of The Economist's annual compilation of forecasts, The World in 2008 examines critical issues that will shape the year ahead. Journalists from The Economist, prominent politicians and luminaries from the world of business look ahead to bring you their considered predictions on business, politics, technology and more.

Among the contributors to The World in 2008 are President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, President Felipe Calderon of Mexico, Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives, Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, and Ban Ki-moon, the secretary-general of the United Nations. Angelina Jolie writes in her capacity as a UNHCR goodwill ambassador, and there are articles from PepsiCo's Indra Nooyi and from one of China's best-known bosses, Jack Ma of Alibaba. Indeed, there is a special section on China (the Beijing Olympics will hog the headlines in 2008), including an article by the Dalai Lama. As ever, the publication is both entertaining and informative, telling readers what to expect in 2008 on topics ranging from James Bond to the International Year of the Potato.


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