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Скачать Flash News Investment weekly - JAN 2008 бесплатно

Flash News Investment weekly
January 7 2008 | PDF | 1 mb | 4 Pages | English

Fash News Investment weekly is one of India's oldest and largest investment newsletter with a clear uni-dimensional focus on the best investment stocks for the coming week.

Backed by 22 years of expertise and probing research Flash News Investment weekly (FNIW) boasts an accuracy level of over 80 % in all its recommendations (see table attached). Flash News is an exclusive subscription based advisory for the discerning investor - our subscriber.

Published every Friday, Flash News Investment weekly gives the readers the entire weekend to mull over their investment decisions so that they can make their move first thing on Monday and PROFIT throughout the week !

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Bonus : The Book "Think & Grow Rich" in text version also included with this download.


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