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Скачать Time Magazine September 24 2007 бесплатно

Time Magazine September 24 2007
PDF | ENG | 3.8 MB | 107 PAGES

Author: TIME Magazine editors
Published by: Time Warner: Time Inc. (U.S. Edition)

• COVER: The Real Running Mates - Political spouses have traditionally wielded their influence in private. But in this race, all the rules will have to be rewritten.
• HEALTH & MEDICINE: Beepocalypse Now? - Something is killing honeybees in record numbers. Three theories on why.
• Hyper Kids? Check Their Diet - Research confirms a long-suspected link between hyperactivity and food additives.
• SOCIETY: Video Games That Keep Kids Fit - Never mind kickball or soccer. Some schools are now getting kids to break a sweat with exergaming fitness centers.

*If you really "have to" mirror!!


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