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Скачать Cool English Magazine : The Beatles Special – 2009 бесплатно

Cool English Magazine : The Beatles Special – 2009
MP3 | PDF | JPG | 149 MB

Cool English is a monthly magazine for teachers and learners of English. The magazine focuses on modern, spoken English in a fun and easy-to-learn format. Each magazine is accompanied by an audio CD so that readers can also listen to the articles, read by English native speakers, in different accents. Each edition of the magazine also comes with a free downloadable Exercise Pack, which allows readers and teachers to practice what they have been learning.

Cool English provides:

* Fascinating reading every month.
* Interesting articles from around the world.
* Real English as spoken by native speakers.
* A fun and truly different way of learning.
* Listening activities with lots of different accents.
* Exercise packs for even more value.


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