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Скачать Journal of Organizational Change Management бесплатно

Journal of Organizational Change Management - Volume 17 Issue 4 (2004) - Special Issue: The sociology of objects: rediscovering the importance of objects in organizational life
Publisher: Emerald | ISBN: 0861769872 | edition 2004 | PDF | 84 pages | 456 kb

Objects are produced within, and simultaneously affect, the process of organizing as a
consequence of their interaction within social collectives. This paper discusses the impact and
inuences of the growth of post-social relations, between human and technological objects, on social
and organisational arrangements. The paper presents a discussion largely at the conceptual level
and draws from a variety of literatures, including the burgeoning sociology of science literature.
The discussion in this paper is based on a view that posits the growth of intimate links with
epistemic objects within organisations and society. Organising through networks of post-social
relations increasingly comes to affect the manner in which differing groups of organisational
participants, and particularly various categories of knowledge workers, experience time and spatial
arrangements within organisations.

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