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Скачать Bo Ngi Vit California - Nguoi Viet News in California August 15 2009 бесплатно


Nguoi Viet News in California - August 15 2009
PDF | 153 pages | Vietnamese & English | 347 MB

Nguoi Viet News is the oldest and largest Vietnamese-language newspaper in the United States. Our section appears every Thursday, targeting the young, multi-cultural generation of Vietnamese Americans.

- L t nht bo vit ng duy nht pht hnh 7 ngy trong tun ti Hoa K.
- Mi ngy mang n cho c gi ngi Vit khp ni "Tin nhanh, Tin ng" vi nhiu mc tin quan trng, hp dn nh: Vit Nam, Hoa K, Th Gii, Cng ng...
- L ngun cung cp quan trng v tin tc, ti liu v qung co cho cng ng ngi Vit min nam California cng nh trn khp nc M.
- L t nht bo vit ng u tin pht hnh ngoi Vit Nam.
- C s lng rao vt nhiu nht trong tt c cc bo Vit ng trn th gii.
- Hp tc vi nhiu t bo khp ni: Canada (Thi Bo.) Australia (Vit Lun, t Mi.) Seattle, WA (Ngi Vit Ty Bc.) San Jose, CA (Vit Nam T Do.) Boston, MA ( Chu Thi Bo.) Dallas, TX (Bt Vit) Orlando, FL (Saigon Post.) Houston,TX (Thng Mi.)
- C trang bo in t: http://www.nguoi-viet.com vi s lng c gi t 40 n 50 ngn ngi vo c mi ngy.

- The creator of this scan is in NO WAY affiliated with the newspaper
- The creator of this scan DOES NOT NECESSARILY support the
articles of the newspaper.
- This scan of the newspaper is simply for archival and informational
- The creator of this scan SHALL NOT bear any responsibility if this
scan is used for any other purposes.

- Ngi scan khng h lin quan n cng ty ca t bo ny.
- Ngi scan khng nht thit ng h cc bi bo trn t bo ny.
- Bn scan ca t bo ny ch n thun dng vo mc ch bo lu
v thng tin.
- Ngi scan s khng chu bt c trch nhim no nu bn scan ny
c s dng cho nhng mc ch khc.


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