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Скачать Cinefex Magazine - Collection [1980 - 2010] бесплатно

Cinefex Magazine - Collection [1980 - 2010]

Collection Cinefex Magazine 1980 - 2010 | .pdf | 882Mb

Cinefex - the legendary 128-way issue with 30-year history (published over a hundred rooms) the advanced technologies of production of visual kinoeffektov (trick photography, models, makeup), and computer graphics used in the filming of blockbusters.
Amateurs and professionals, at last, will have an opportunity every two months to learn all of the major Hollywood companies to develop special effects.
Detailed reports on major movie sets in the world, fantastic pictures, articles, reports General VFX Supervisor (Supervisor - Visual effects specialist) qualified interviews with all relevant actors movie detail revealing the secrets of unique know-how - this combination of highly specialized and general information does Cinefex unique publication about the technology of filmmaking.

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