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Скачать Creative Knitting Magazine (May 2009) бесплатно

Creative Knitting Magazine (May 2009)
77 pages | English | PDF | 24 MB

Creative Knitting Magazine (May 2009)


*Day Lily Jacket: Knit in a soft yarn, the feather and fan lace makes a beautiful jacket.
*Simple Lace Top: The subtle shaping is done with ribbing, and the lace is easy!
*Hot! Hot! Hot! Shell: Dynamic colors and a bit of frolic make this top fun to knit.
*Lacy Leaves Tunic: Celebrate summer with a lovely knitted tunic to belt or not, as you wish.
*Little Lace Cardi: When the AC is too cool, add one bolero to feel just right!
*Summer Blues Tank: This tank will withstand summer's heat and keep a fresh outlook!

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