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Скачать Rifts - World Book 19 - Australia бесплатно

Rifts - World Book 19 - Australia
Palladium Books Inc. | PDF (OCR) | English | 210 pages | 27 MB | 1999

The Earth of Rifts® is a changing ball of rock, that much is for sure. When society reached its peak, it continued to push the envelope and eventually burst forth into a holocaust that nearly saw all life become extinct. But one could almost be thankful for the desperate psychic scream that the death of humanity sent forth, drawing magic back to the world and causing the Ley Lines to flare and the Rifts to be torn open. Life itself was given the chance to rebuild under a new veneer of magical energy as new races emerged, along with new terrors. Slowly, the world is only just crawling back out of its shelter and rebuilding. Countries are becoming connected once more, and armies and governments are rising in power. Meanwhile, Australia is isolated. Separated from the world by miles of ocean, it was left to dry out in the nuclear winter and pick itself up. With no neighboring countries to lean upon or learn from, it stewed in its own problems and dilemmas independently. Magic touched the land, and the native tribes were given their calling to retake their country. And now they flourish. In the aftermath of the Great Cataclysm, the white community was left without support — no cities, no technology. They had to provide their own emergency aid, and rebuild from the wreckage. Now savage bands wander the deserts, and fiercely independent townships, city-states and nomadic bands have cropped up in the wild. There are two surviving cities, but they are aware of the value of what rare technological treasures they own, and therefore have walled themselves in, forever shut off from the outside lands — islands within an island, giving a new meaning to the word "isolation." And it is said, strange visitors have come to Australia. The inland sea has risen again, and rumors have spread about the "strange lights" that can be seen from the shore. The Great Barrier Reef, the largest living object in the world and a national treasure before the Great Cataclysm, has truly come alive. A magnificent creature of benevolence under the sea. The great Rainbow Serpent has also returned, and in its wake it brings its enemies. Demons of various kinds, the great Bunyip, vampires and other terrors roam the land. Rich in magic — and other things, yet struggling to survive — Rifts Australia offers the ultimate challenge for players. A desperate struggle for survival and the forging of a new world from the ashes of the Apocalypse. Beginnings.


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