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Скачать Rifts - World Book 15 - Spirit West бесплатно

Rifts - World Book 15 - Spirit West
Palladium Books Inc. | PDF (OCR) | English | 210 pages | 12 MB | 1997

This book is different than most Rifts® supplements in the sense that it focuses on a group of people instead of a specific location or government. Originally, Kevin and I planned to include information about Native Americans as part of Rifts® New West, but it quickly grew beyond a mere section of a book. In fact, it quickly turned into an epic tale about the resurgence of the Native American peoples and the return of magic, spirits and ancient gods on Rifts Earth. This was okay, because Kevin liked the idea of an entire book dedicated to the Native Americans' myths and people, and I had wanted to do something like this for a long time. So the book you hold in your hands is the end result. As the author, I have tried to provide players and Game Masters with a solid background and feel for the Native American culture and their worldview as it applies to Rifts Earth —something more than a few cool character classes and monsters and magic based on American Indian mythology. When playing a Native American in Rifts®, I thought it would be fun to know something about the character and his people. I wanted to make a memorable and unique character that would be fun to "roleplay."
Heroes with a very specific heritage, strong beliefs and a way of life different from most of the other characters in the Rifts® setting in the East. Something more than, "Yep, he is an Indian," followed by a physical description and old cliches. To achieve this, I've tried to provide a lot of background information and rich narratives to enhance the playing experience and add color to player characters, as well as NPC villains and the general setting of the New West and Rifts Earth. I hope to have provided sufficient material to let G.M.s and players create bold, unique characters who, in some small way, are Native Americans traveling through Rifts Earth, instead of cartoon caricatures of Hollywood or comic book "Indians."


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