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Скачать Woodsmith Magazine , # 180 December/January 2009 бесплатно

"Woodsmith Magazine , # 180 December/January 2009"
Woodsmith | 2009 | 52 pages | PDF | 17,6 MB

As you can see on the cover, this issue of Woodsmith is dedicated to
storage. Now, I know most of us could use additional storage
around our homes. And I think'all three projects you'll find inside
do a good job of addressing this need.
Our feature project in this issue is a media center. It's a modular
design, so whether you build the whole project or just the base
cabinet, it's the perfect place for a large, flat-screen TV and all the
electronic gadgets that go along with it.
One of the other projects in this issue looks like a small, straightforward
cabinet from the outside. But pull open any of the four
lower "drawers" and you'll discover a folding snack tray that's a
perfect place for setting your favorite snack and beverage while
watching a movie or a football game.
Lastly, if you're searching for a simple weekend project, take a
look at the hanging wall shelves. They're easy to build and use a
clever mounting system that's strong but totally hidden from view.
You can read more about it on page 16.


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