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Скачать Velo Vision December 2008 бесплатно


Velo Vision December 2008
PDF | English | 5.4 MB

Velo Vision is a quarterly magazine covering specialised bicycles, utility cycling, human power worldwide. It has been running since 2001 and is edited by Peter Eland. The format is 230mm x 280mm (slightly over A4) to allow for good-sized photographs; cycling pictures tend to a landscape composition. Velo Vision is unusual in its subject matter: most cycling magazines either cover all cycling topics, or focus on one specific area (racing, mountain biking, folding bikes). Velo Vision covers utility and delivery bikes, commuting, folding bikes, tandems, special needs cycling, recumbents and other subjects neglected by the specialist or general interest magazines. This leads to some uniquely useful topics such as a buyer's guide to special needs cycling, summarising the many adaptations and options available to the disabled cyclist.


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