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Скачать Underwater Photography Magazine #42 (Mag/Giu 2008) бесплатно

Underwater Photography Magazine #41 (Mar/Apr 2008)
PDF | 62 Pages | 8 Mb

What's inside:

News, Travel & Events
Mark Webster’s Underwater Photo Workshops 2008
Ocean Optics Relocates to Action Underwater Studios
DivePhotoGuide Socorro 2009
Antibes Film Festival 2008
Shoot to Thrill
MCS Photo Competition
First Annual Fish ID Challenge
Layang Layang Shootout
Eco Divers – new diving at luxury resort Kima Bajo
Turks & Caicos Uw Photo Competition
International Kemer Underwater Days
Snapper School with Cameras Underwater and Scuba Travel
Bali Scuba

New Products
Aquatica Canon 1DS Mark III housing
Heinrichsweikamp Remote Slave Unit
Fantasea Canon housing
Subal 45° viewfinder
Tokina 10-16mm
Sealux JVC housing
Nexus 1017 Tokina Dome Port
Light & Motion Stingray HD and Bluefin HC7
Aquatica Nikon D300 housing

Equipment reviews
Olympus E3 / Nexus E3 By Karin Brussard
Nikon D300 and Subal ND3 by Martin Edge
Sealux CD300 for the Nikon D300 by Colin Gans
Heinrichs Weikamp Nikon iTTL Converter by Mark Webster

Strobes and water colour By Alexander Mustard

Marine Life
Juvenile Giants of Djibouti by Morris Gregory
Seasonal Selection by Mark Webster

Wakatobi By Michael Wicks
Exploring Uncharted FakFak With Tim Rock and Miyuki Konda

Parting Shot by Tim Priest

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