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Скачать Ceskoslovenska Fotografie - October 1984 - No 10 бесплатно

Ceskoslovenska Fotografie - October 1984 - No 10

Ceskoslovenska Fotografie
jpg format | 150 dpi | Czechoslovakian | 27 MB

Czechoslovakian magazine for amateur photographers, with lot of information about the various photo equipment, technique, and of course, artistic photography from Czechoslovakia and the other parts of world.

Information-Competitions-Exhibitions (p. 434). Leading article: Social Significance Of Photographic Education (p. 436). Creative groups: Twentieths Of Focus (p. 436) - the informative article on group of amateur photographers from the South-Bohemian town Jindrichuv Hradec. Our interview: With Professor Jan Schlemmer On Scientific Photography (p. 438) - all-the-life photographic work of the expert at optics and applied photography in science and technology. The selection of that has been shown recently in Prague by occasion of the author's 80th birthday. Contemplation Over Jiri Pekarek's Photos (p. 440) - the portfolio of Stadion (weekly) sport-photographer. Ninetieths Of Karel Plicka (p. 445) a short study written by former Plicka's student Ludvik Baran, now professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. National artist Karel Plicka, although already being of 90, is still very absorbed in photography. Discussion-Ideas-Reviews: Photography For Books (p. 446) - the interview with the managing editors of Obzor - the Slovak publishing house. Exhibitions We've Seen (p. 448). Photographic Press In Brief (p. 450). Amsterdam Photo Festival (p. 452) - the critical review of the international photo festival that belongs now with its 56 shows and other attractive programme to the most interesting and meaningfull events in Europe. Trends of Innovation: New Enlargers Of Meopta (p. 462) - the detailed information on the new model of Czechoslovak photoindustry presented at Photokina in Cologne this Autumn. Fish-Eye Lenses Principles (p. 464). Engaged Landscape Phototrapher Jan Gres (468) - the portfolio of the Slovak photographer whose topic has been the preservation of man's life surroundings. Past And Present Of Micrography - X (p. 474) - Micrographic Methods and Technology - 1. Chapters on Photography: Flash Units Principles (p. 476).


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