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Скачать UnderWater Photographic Magazine (issue 36) бесплатно

UnderWater Photographic Magazine (issue 36)
May 2007 | 52 pages | PDF | 6 Mb

News, travel & Events

Galapagos with Jason & Wendy Heller and Michael Field
Up and coming underwater photo competitions
Digital Summer Camp with www.fisheyephoto.com
International Kemer Underwater Days, Turkey
Celebrate the Sea, Sept 07, Manila
BsoUP Splash-In Championship
Marine Wildlife Photo Agency
Sex on the Reefs with Emperor Divers
Dominica Dive Fest July 07
Muck, macro & wall with Tony White
Island Sun Splash ’07
Komodo with Mauricio Handler Oct 08
Socorro with Cheng and Mustard Feb 08
Underwater Competition/Scuba Show competition
SanDisk Red Sea Nov 07
OWUSS Australia

New Products

SeaLife ECOshot SL321
ReefMaster Mini SL320
Ikelite Sony HDR HC-5
Ikelite iTTL adaptor
Aquatica with Ikelite TTL connectors
Patima D80 housing
Amphibico HD monitor
Ultralight buoyancy arms
Heinrichs Weikamp Mark II TTL housing

Product reviews

Subal ND80 by Peter Rowlands
Aquatica D200 by Tim Rock
Seacam D200 by Pete Atkinson


Bali High with Mark Webster

Photo techniques

Mid range zooms by Alex Mustard
Domes by Pete Atkinson

Marine life

Whale carcasses by Mario Lebrato

Parting Shot by Rob Harcourt

Hosted on RS

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