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Скачать Herb Companion - March 2010 бесплатно

Herb Companion - March 2010
PDF | 75 pages | 29.6 Mb | English

Articles of the Herb Companion cover everything from recipes and reviews to people and places. Every two month a jam packed issue will get you started on living a healthier, better-balanced and more meaningful life!

On the Cover

Homemade Herbal Pasta Party!
Skip caterers and restaurants with a homemade pasta party. It's a great way to cut food costs and double the fun. You and your guests can enjoy an easy, low-key, luxurious dinner.

9 Recipes: Delicious Dill
Dill isn't just for pickling anymore. Find out how fresh dill can boost your health and flavor your cooking. Also, learn gardening secrets for growing the Herb of the Year in your vegetable plot.

Herbs for Inflammation
Type 2 diabetes is treatable with help from the antioxidants in culinary herbs and spices. Find out which ones are among the most potent antioxidants, according to a recent study.

16 Herbal Groundcovers
Why buy bags of mulch when herbal groundcovers can fertilize and beautify your garden at the same time? Learn more about these living mulches and ease your garden workload.

Save Money: Make Your Own Tinctures
Do you have an herb garden? Learn how to make healing tinctures from herbs you grow in your own backyard!

Garden Guide: Herbs & Roses
Find rose garden plans, learn which roses taste delicious and make your own rose hip tea.

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