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Скачать Country Living - May 2009 (US) бесплатно

Country Living - May 2009 (US)Название: Country Living
Год / месяц: May 2009
Номер: 5
Формат: pdf
Размер: 53 mb
Страниц: 71

Country Living is your guide to easy living, simple elegance and happy times. Embrace the charm and simple pleasures of easy living. Decorate your home for cozy comfort. Invite nature indoors. Focus on family, happy memories and the things that really matter. Country Living is a breath of fresh air and a reminder to enjoy the simpler things in life! Every issue brings you the very best of everything country life is about: Terrific decorating tips, tricks and techniques to create your ideal country homeGlorious, inspiring color photos of country comfort and styleFabulous ideas for warm inviting rooms, cozy bedrooms, bright kitchens and special hide-a-ways for your quiet timesSecrets for creating a beautiful country gardenDelicious recipes guaranteed to put warmth in your belly and happiness in your heartEasy but wonderful entertaining ideasAnd much, much more!Find new ways to cherish and use old treasures. Experience the renewal that comes from fresh country air, wood stoves and starry skies. Find peace and joy in simple elegance. Only Country Living brings you the very best of country life!



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