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Скачать Chronicles of Wormwood 1-6/6 бесплатно

Chronicles of Wormwood 1-6/6
CBR | English | 6x ~18 - 20MB

Chronicles of Wormwood

Chronicles of Wormwood is the story of a benevolent Antichrist his best friend Jesus and a talking rabbit. The story follows God and Satan's attempts to convince Danny Wormwood to begin Armageddon.

Danny Wormwood: The Antichrist and Cable TV executive. Has decided against starting Armageddon as he believes it's best to leave humanity to its own devices and decide its own progress. Has the power to change one thing permanently a day.

Jesus: Reborn on Earth to play his part in Armageddon. Refused to do God's bidding and started a Peace movement to protest the War In Iraq. Unfortunately he fell victim to police brutality and went into a coma for several years coming out mildly retarded.

Jimmy: A talking rabbit who acts as observer and asking all the questions for the reader. Danny says he doesn't know why he decided to make a talking rabbit while explaining his powers in the first issue.

Pope Jacko: The Pope of the Catholic Church. Australian and wishes to use the forthcoming end of the world to his own advantage. Breaks the traditional vow of celibacy by sleeping with clergy.




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