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Скачать Indiana Jones and the Arms of Gold бесплатно

COMIC: Indiana Jones and the Arms of Gold

Indiana Jones and the Arms of Gold
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Indiana Jones and the Arms of Gold, Story by Lee Marrs. This story is more of a "solo" Indiana Jones adventure focusing on the search for the legendary Incan "arms of gold." The legend is that the arms possessed the power to reshape structures and stones, i.e. create the Incan temples. This is most definitely a different kind of Indiana Jones story because there is no real antagonist in the form of Nazis or a person like Mola Ram. There is a main villain, but his involvement is not on the levels of Mola Ram, Belloq or Donovan. The villain of this story is similar to Belloq but much more of an afterthought to the rest of the story. Instead, this is much more of a homage to the spirit of the franchise. There's a specific love interest, who of course is an old friend, and Indiana Jones is in his "true" mercenary mode. He is willing to do her a favor knowing that finding the "arms of gold" would lead to his fortune and glory.

This is much more of a love story than anything else and that love story is its own adventure that runs parallel to the actual quest for the arms of gold. The danger that Indy and his love interest encounter is similar to the Christian Brotherhood from Last Crusade in that they are protectors and even seekers of the arms of gold themselves. There's also some homages to Temple of Doom in that Indy is forced to go through some of the rituals of the Incas. This story is definitely perfect for someone looking for a well-crafted adventure story.

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Writer: Lee Marrs
Artist: Leo Duranona
Cover Artist: Russell Walks
Letterer: Steve Haynie
Colorist: Matthew hollingsworth
Genre: Action/Adventure
Released: Feb-May 1994
Format: Full colour

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