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Скачать Forgotten Realms: Exile No. 1 бесплатно

Forgotten Realms: Exile No. 1
CBR | English | 9Mb

The second volume of R.A. Salvatore’s classic Legend of Drizzt Trilogy: Exile! Drizzt Do’urden, a lone hero among the treacherous race of the Drow, has left everything he knows to seek honor and justice in the wilderness of the Underdark. Alone save for the mystical panther Guenhwyvar, he will encounter new allies – and the new enemies that could destroy them!

Writer: R.A. Salvatore
Adapted by: Andrew Dabb
Artist: Tim Seeley
Inker: n/a
Covers: A - Rock & Roll Cover: Casey Burns
Flip Cover A - Tim Seeley


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