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Скачать The Big Book of Vice (The Big Book) бесплатно

The Big Book of Vice (The Big Book)
191 pages | DC Comics (September 1, 1998) | English | ISBN: 1563894548 | 114mb

From undoubtedly one of the best quality comic-book series ever comes the Big Book Of Vice:
fans of this incredible series know all too well that what's to be expected here is a very-in-depth look into the subject (vice) with the aid of some of the best contemporary comic-makers around.
Your illustrated journey includes:
-tobbaco. Its superbly interesting history plus the all (not) too well hazards it pertains to as well as all the marketing trickeries involved in its spread.

-prostitution. Again, its history as the "world's oldest profession" (you'll discover stuff beyond imagination on this one) plus the wide spectrum of vice and illegality it brings with it..
-gambling. Probably the most spectacular and eye-opening section of the book. Check out the stunningly imaginative scams of lotteries, pro-betters and pro-cheaters, card playing, and some of the most infamous bets ever made!
-and a "general" section on vice which even includes the "danger" posed by comics as seen by some of society's less liberal sectors.

As usual, drawn with tremendous gusto and funny as hell, this is a proud addition to the series. Even if your acquaintence with this series begins here be warned: odds are you will be hooked. And yes, i'd take a nice lil wager on that too.
Precious stuff.


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