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Скачать The Big Book of Death (Factoid Books) бесплатно

The Big Book of Death (Factoid Books)
223 pages | Dc Comics (June 1995) | English | ISBN:1563891662 | 96Mb

"The Big Book of Death," the second in Paradox Press's "Big Book of" series, is a fascinating, disturbing treatment of the subject we simultaneously fear and can't get enough of: death. With sections on pointless deaths, capital punishment, famous cemeteries, and lots of other aspects of the big D, it's an interesting and informative book. The artwork, by a multitude of comic artists, is also excellent. It may be a comic, but this book is definitely not for kids. If you're a grownup with a fascination for death and a slightly morbid sense of humor, though, check it out!


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