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Скачать Thor - Son of Asgard - Vol 1 - Issue 5 бесплатно

Front Cover

Thor - Son of Asgard - Vol 1 - Issue 5
English | PDF | 10mb
This is issue 5 from a total of 12.

The series followed Thor's early adventures in Asgard with Sif and Balder.

Thor: Son of Asgard was a comic book series published by Marvel Comics in 2004 to 2005. It was originally a mini-series of 6 issues but was later extended to an ongoing series that lasted for 12 issues.

The Lake of Lilitha

Thor, Sif, and Balder are on their way to the Lake of Lilitha when Loki arrives and tells them of Karnilla's plan to attack Asgard. They decide that Sif and Balder will return to Asgard, while Thor continues to the lake to draw a vial of water - the final element needed. On his trek, he is attacked by Leviathan, but Thor manages to defeat him. Thor finally arrives at the lake only to find it dried up and dead. He then returns to Asgard as the battle is going on. The Asgardians finally win the battle, but unseen, Karnilla lands on a tower and fires an arrow into Thor's chest.

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