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Скачать The Big Book of the Weird Wild West: How the West was Really Won! бесплатно

The Big Book of the Weird Wild West: How the West was Really Won!
191 pages | DC Comics (August 1, 1998) | English | ISBN: 1563893614 | 2 x 53mb

Written by John Whalen, Jonathan Vankin, Rick Klaw and various; art by Russ Heath, Lennie Mace, Randy DuBurke and various
We've all heard stories of the Wild West: pioneers, stagecoach robberies, and tough frontier lawmen. But things can get plenty strange when people are on their own in a strange land, and this Big Book tells the the bizarre tales you don't usual hear about the conquering of the North American continent. Among the highlights: covert cannibalism, mummified murderers, sadism, lynch mobs, overt cannibalism, bad luck curses, unexplained decapitations, mysterious airships, cults, and communes. Along the way you'll meet Judge Roy Bean, the Donner Party, the James Gang, and a nice fella named Liver Eatin' Johnson. Let's see Ken Burns make a documentary out of this.
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