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Скачать The Books Of magic - The original miniseries. бесплатно

The Books Of Magic
CBR | English | 89.2 MB

In Book I, "The Invisible Labyrinth", Timothy Hunter is approached by four of the DC Universe's mystical heroes, and, after agreeing to the tour, is shown the DC Universe's past by the Phantom Stranger. In Book II, "The Shadow World", Tim is shown around the DC Universe's present by John Constantine. In Book III, "The Land of Summer's Twilight", Doctor Occult shows Tim the Land of Faerie, with brief stopovers in a number of other otherworlds (including the Dreaming). In Book IV, "The Road to Nowhere", Mister E shows Tim the DC Universe's future (or, at least, one of its possible futures), and Tim faces a decision about whether to try and fulfill his potential, or to live out his life as a normal person.


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