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Скачать 1602 The New World [Half Repost] And 1602: Fantastick Four бесплатно

1602: New World
Marvel Comics | CBR | English | 56.3 MB

1602: Fantastick Four
Marvel Comics | CBR | English | 63.3 MB

1602: New World is a five-issue Marvel Comics limited series and is the sequel to the 1602 limited series, and as such is set in the year 1602 in the same continuity as the original series and picks up where 1602 left off. This time the story is written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Greg Tocchini. Marvel 1602: Fantastick Four is a comic book published by Marvel Comics, a five issue limited series and the second sequel to the successful Marvel 1602 series, the other sequel being 1602: New World. It is written by Peter David and pencilled by Pascal Alixe.


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