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Скачать CrossGen - Mark Of Charon бесплатно

Mark Of Charon
CrossGen Comics | CBR | English | 45.8 MB

Title: Mark of Charon
Writer: Tony Bedard
(penciller) Joe Bennett #1-3
(inker) Jonathan Glapion
(penciller) Staz Johnson #4-5
(penciller) Sal Velluto #5
Length: 5 issues
Dates: March '03 - July '03
Status: Complete

name: MARK OF CHARON #1 (OF 5)
studio: Onsale
release date: March 26, 2003
description: Charon, God-Emperor of the Negation Empire, is the ultimate villain. He commands a universe of evil that poses a grave threat to every living soul in the CrossGen Universe. And when he decides to create his own version of the Sigil – the mysterious red and yellow mark that empowers many of CrossGen’s greatest heroes – Charon sets into motion an epic adventure that will expose the secret origins of the Negation, and decide the future of the CrossGen Universe! Do not miss this landmark mini-series, featuring a surprise hero, a new team of evil Sigil-Bearers, and revelations that readers will be talking about for years to come.

name: MARK OF CHARON #2 (OF 5)
studio: CrossGen
release date: April 30, 2003
description: Javi leads Charon’s new team of Negation Sigil-Bearers against a rebel uprising on a Negation world. What they encounter on this war-torn world will set them on a road that will ultimately turn them against their glowing blue master, Charon himself. Discover how Good and Evil get twisted inside out in the dark universe known as The Negation!

name: MARK OF CHARON #3 (OF 5)
studio: CrossGen
release date: May 28, 2003
description: Javi and his team of Negation sigil-bearers stand face to face with the Lawbringers – Charon’s most dreaded enforcers. What follows is a unique and revealing glimpse of the Negation’s hidden history, and a clue to discovering the one being who might be able to destroy the Negation’s evil Emperor. But is Javi ready to make a deal with the Devil?

name: MARK OF CHARON #4 (OF 5)
studio: CrossGen
release date: June 25, 2003
description: Javi and the Negation sigil-bearers have traveled to the darkest dimension in the Negation Universe in search of Emperor Charon’s archenemy. What they find will be a revelation that will forever change the balance of power in Negation Space and provide our hero with the key to toppling the god-emperor. But can he break his teammates’ faith in their emperor in order to turn them against Charon?

name: MARK OF CHARON #5 (OF 5)
studio: CrossGen
release date: July 30, 2003
description: The revelations continue as the universe-shaking miniseries reaches it’s chaotic conclusion! Javi and his Negation Sigil-Bearers take on Charon himself in a cosmic battle pitting man against god! Don’t miss the finale that will rock the entire CrossGen line!


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