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Скачать POP & ROCK & COLGRAM бесплатно

POP ET ROCK ET COLGRAM - Rock Comic book
A. Dister / M. Gotlib / J. Sol.
PDF | 43,4 Mb | rs.com

This comic-book is a compilation of a work done in the middle-70's by three talented persons :

* Alain Dister who must be one of the biggest french expert about rock culuture
* Marcel Gotlib who draw little funny characters in every corners of every page
* Jean Sol who draw the most part. Great drawings (He also made the cover)

The main aim of that comic is to make french people understand the sometimes uneasy-understanding english lyrics of the songs. Always having fun and parodying those great songs they finally admit loving.

The bands discussed here are :

* The Beatles
* Frank Zappa (Stinkfoot)
* The Who (Tommy)
* Pink Floyd (Money)
* Showbizus Aquarium (?)
* Genesis (Get'em Out By Friday)
* Celtic pop
* Roxy Music (In Every Dream Home A Heartache)
* Les Chevelus Teutoniques (Krautrock)
* Magma
* Patti Smith and her idols...
* Punks
* Disco


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