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Скачать Fantastic Four - The End бесплатно

Fantastic Four - The End

Fantastic Four - The End
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Fantastic Four: The End is a six-issue comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics, depicting a possible future for the members of the superhero team the Fantastic Four. Written and pencilled by Alan Davis and inked by Mark Farmer, its premiere issue was cover-dated January, 2007.

Often times, the closeness of the Fantastic Four was what pulled them through their battles with the likes of Doctor Doom and Annihilus. They were a family first and foremost, but when this family is torn apart by tragedy, the fallout may be something that none of them can survive on their own.

But what could have caused the most close-knit of super-hero teams to go their separate ways? When the Four are no more, it sets the stage for a galactic conflict that could jeopardize not only Earth, but the whole galaxy. Plus, how do long-time enemies and friends like Doctor Doom and Namor fit into the future of the Fantastic Four?

Alan Davis both writes and pencils this final tale of the Fantastic Four that tells the story of how the First Family of comics finally embark on their last adventure. Recently extending his exclusive contract with Marvel Comics and with fan-favorite work on Uncanny X-Men, Excalibur, and Captain Britain, Alan Davis presents the last Fantastic Four story.



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