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Скачать "The Big Book Of...Series" All 17 Books бесплатно

The Big Book Of 70's
192 pages | Publisher: DC Comics (May 1, 2000) | Language: English | ISBN: 1563896710 | Factoid Books | Format: CDR | 103 MB

Back when irony was just a literary device and people wore bell-bottoms for their own sake, Western civilization reached its zenith and nadir simultaneously. Jonathan Vankin's Big Book of the '70s looks in urprising depth at the trends and the notable figures of that decade, using illustrations from dozens of excellent comics artists like Shary Flenniken and Terry Laban. Richard Nixon, Jane Fonda, Burt Reynolds,and Jimmy Carter all get the Big Book treatment in a delicious combination of behind-the-scenes peeks and easily digested history lessons. Fads and phenomena like disco, running, and the rise of the women's movement are also explained and, in some cases, followed up through modern times. The writing is clear and snappy, the illustration is consistently well-done, and the topics chosen are a thorough,comprehensive mix of lightweight (pet rocks) and serious (Vietnam).

The Big Book of Bad: The Best of the Worst of Everything
192 pages | Publisher: DC Comics (May 1, 1998) | Language: English | ISBN: 1563893592 | Factoid Books | Format: CDR | 106 MB

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? This book, published by the independent Factoid Books, goes through the ages of man, from Caligula to Sawney Bean. It also includes fictional works which have been incorporated into pop culture(such as Bram Stoker's Dracula). It even has a section in the end entitled "Bad Sports", which includes the steroid abuse of WWF manager Vince McMahon and Mike Tyson's fateful Evander Buffet in Las Vegas.

The Big Book of Conspiracies
223 pages | Publisher: Paradox Press (September 1995) | Language: English | ISBN: 1563891867 | Factoid Books | Format: CDR | 117 MB

In the past, I would roll my rapidly glazing eyes whenever I heard some formerly sensible person carrying the cudgels of conspiracy theories: you know the rants: the Trilateral Commission, CIA, FBI, Masons, and Secret Societies are all out to run the world and silence truth seekers with intimidation, death--or plankton up the nostrils--and it seems the body formerly inhabited by a friend is ready to board a ship to the moon. But then I came across this book, and I was stunned at the volume of detail and even facts that have been amassed by the obsessive believers in these seemingly wacko conspiracy theories. The most disturbing fact is that people investigating conspiracy theories seem to have the highest death rate of any profession other than shark dentists.The editors adopt a sensible attitude: they do not claim that any interpretations in the book are necessarily true, but rather that these are truly things that conspiracy theorists have proposed. Note that this is a comic book of 39 tellings of almost as many conspiracy theories, but the comic-book medium in fact works very well. Recommended, unless some gruff voice calls me late at night and tells me to change my mind.

The Big Book of Death
223 pages | Publisher: DC Comics (June 1995) | Language: English | ISBN: 1563891662 | Factoid Books | Format: CDR | 94 MB

The Big Book of Death," the second in Paradox Press's "Big Book of" series, is a fascinating, disturbing treatment of the subject we simultaneously fear and can't get enough of: death. With sections on pointless deaths, capital punishment, famous cemeteries, and lots of other aspects of the big D, it's an interesting and informative book. The artwork, by a multitude of comic artists, is also excellent. It may be a comic, but this book is definitely not for kids. If you're a grownup with a fascination for death and a slightly morbid sense of humor, though, check it out!

The Big Book of Freaks
224 pages | Publisher: DC Comics (May 1996) | Language: English | ISBN: 1563892189 | Factoid Books | Format: CDR | 115 MB

Wilson begins with the historical roots of the sideshow, with the wild speculations about possible creatures that might exist in the days when much of the world was unexplored, to the fake freaks created for medieval carnivals and self-mutilated beggars, to the modern circus and portrayals in movies such as Tod Browning's "Freaks". In addition to such articles on specific themes are the histories of particular individuals ranging from the famous (the Elephant Man) to the not-so-famous (a "Lobster Man" who committed a murder in a Florida town composed almost entirely of retired circus freaks). The stories range from the heartwarming to the heartbreaking, the humourous to the serious, and include romance and adventure, but all of them treat the unusual individuals who are their subjects as human beings, with all the same potentials as well as the character flaws of any person, and avoids being exploitative. My personal favourite is the article drawn by Ivan Brunetti illustrating how ALL human beings are freakish and are constantly undergoing strange transformations.The accompanying illustrations are also superb. This is definitely one of the best in the Big Books series.

The Big Book of Grimm
191 pages | Publisher: DC Comics (September 1, 1999) | Language: English | ISBN: 1563895013 | Factoid Books | Format: CDR | 83 MB

Anyone who believes that the Grimm brothers' collection of folk and fairy tales are too gruesome for children will be given ample ammunition by this volume. I think children are better at discriminating between fantasy and reality than adults give them credit for.But I digress. What we have here, in the latest in the "Big Book" series, are over 50 tales from the Grimm collection, some famous, some not, but all authentically told and marvellously illustrated by some of the best comics artists working today.For anyone turned off by the notion of comics, this volume should eliminate any reservations.All artwork is appropriate to the various tales, running from the whimsical ("Clever Hans" and "Dog and Sparrow"), the beautiful ("Hansel & Gretel" and "Snow White") to the unusual ("Bearskin" and "Mother Hulda").If you are a fan of the Grimm stories or of the Big Book series, I heartily recommend this book.

The Big Book of Hoaxes: True Tales of the Greatest Lies Ever Told!
192 pages | Publisher: DC Comics (October 1, 1996) | Language: English | ISBN: 1563892529 | Factoid Books | Format: CDR | 100 MB

Comic art of the finest order and incredible historical value. In this case, it's hoaxes or seeing it another way the ability of humans to be fooled in the most unlikely and bizzare ways, a process that more than often has led in a dramatic change in the course of history. For those that are familiar with the "Big book.." series the comics offered here are nothing less than gems as some of the greatest comic makers colloborate to put this together. But if you use these books as reference points (their bibliographies are treasures for such a use) you're bound to wind up with a very in-depth knowledge of history, one that's far-distanced from the mainstream-polished version you've been served up to now. Some of the stories on display on this book might be somewhat known, most are not, but what's even more impressive is that some seem too outrageous to even be close to the truth. Sadly, for the record of human history all of them are 100% real.

The Big Book of Little Criminals:
63 True Tales of the World's Most Incompetent Jailbirds!

192 pages | Publisher: DC Comics (April 1, 1996) | Language: English | ISBN: 1563892170 | Factoid Books | Format: CDR | 80 MB

it's a history of some of the most notorious underworld figures in the United States. Except for the masterheads of crime it also includes some characters which became famous rather for their lack of intelligence. In the 63 stories included are also figures which were well known in their time and faded into history afterwards but whose story is extremely interesting nevertheless. Impeccably researched (as usual) and with that subtle sarcasm or cynicism that this series is well known for, this is an absolutely must-have item.

The Big Book of Losers:
Pathetic but True Tales of the World's Most Titanic Failures!

191 pages | Publisher: DC Comics (February 1, 1997) | Language: English | ISBN: 1563892537 | Factoid Books | Format: CDR | 103 MB

"The Big Book of Losers" is the ninth in the Big Book series from Paradox Press. This volume tells you about historically bad luck, from General Custer to the Edsel to Milli Vanilli. Reading this book, you can't lose! The book is full of entertaining stories of people and bad ideas that were failures. It's quite entertaining reading the stories of people like the Dalton Gang, and Milli Vanilli, who deserve to be called losers. Unfortunately, some the people written about did not have the loser essence, but merely had some bad luck, or were held back by people who were more powerful and who were evil.

The Big Book of Martyrs:
Amazing but True Tales of Faith in the Face of Certain Death!

192 pages | Publisher: DC Comics (October 1, 1997) | Language: English | ISBN: 1563893606 | Factoid Books | Format: CDR | 100 MB

While the rest Big book series handles subjects with more than normal dose of irreverance, this book shifts gears and handles the subject with all reverance due to the subject, while maintaining the seperation of legend and fact. The artwork is also respectful of the subject, and in all cases fitting. Noteworthy entries are the first Martyrs of Rome, with Gahan Wilson's appropriately grotesque images of Nero's atrocities, and Trina Roberts' good girl artwork for St. Agnes, the ultimate good girl. Illustrated in the form of comic strips, The stories of many Christian martyrs such as Joan of Arc and St. Paul are told in a respectful, interesting manner. Using dialogue and excellent pencil drawings, the lives of these martyrs comes to life.But this book, while being respectful of the title of saint, does not cower from pointing out these occassional pieces of hypocrisy. Also included in this book is a chapter dealing with saints who were purely fictional (and are even recognized as such by the Catholic church) including the still popular St. Christopher (of the medallion fame), but I'd be surpised at anyone taking this as an attack on their faith. Since this book is about the history of saints and the process (and politics) of cannonization, it is factual regardless of one's personal faith or lack thereof, but I am sure it appeals to Christians the most. But the interesting stories and artwork are worthwhile for anyone to experience.

The Big Book of Scandal: Trashy but True Tales from the Tawdry
World's of Celebrity, High Society, Politics, and Big Business!

192 pages | Publisher: DC Comics (January 1, 1998) | Language: English | ISBN: 1563893584 | Factoid Books | Format: CDR | 102 MB

"The Big Book of Scandal" from Paradox Press digs up all the hottest dirt from the 20th century! Find out that Clinton wasn't the first philandering president! And royal scandals didn't begin underQueen Elizabeth II either! Learn just how Hollywood became Babylon! You won't believe your eyes! Shame on the people inside this book whose scandalous lives provide such fun reading! By reducing (or is it "elevating") to graphic recreations the misadventures of these celebrities and other assorted famous people who got caught in the act, the authors and artists here provide us with some wickedly delightful re-tellings of the juiciest scandals of the recent past. They're all here!

The Big Book of Thugs: Tough as Nails True Tales of the World's
Baddest Mobs, Gangs, and Ne'er do Wells!

192 pages | Publisher: DC Comics (November 14, 1996) | Language: English | ISBN: 1563892855 | Factoid Books | Format: CDR | 85 MB

"The Big Book of Thugs" contains vignettes by 57 different comic artists about notorious gangs and mobs. This volume from Paradox Press gives you a wonderful illustration of the history of gang warfare. See the forerunners of today's Crips and Bloods! The art in this book is outstanding. The book is in black and white, but that is not a problem for relatively color blind animalslike ourselves.

The Big Book of the Unexplained
191 pages | Publisher: DC Comics (April 18, 1997) | Language: English | ISBN: 1563892545 | Factoid Books | Format: CDR | 80 MB

Is the conspiracy bug getting to you, too? If not, it soon will, especially after you check out The Big Book of the Unexplained. Self-proclaimed conspiracy nut Doug Moench is joined by a variety of comics artists such as Joe Sacco, J. H. Williams, Paul Gulacy, Brent Anderson, Russ Heath, and Gahan Wilson to present new tales of strange phenomena, bizarre happenings, and mysterious goings-on. And if you're bummed out about the Loch Ness monster hoax, get ready for the new "could-be" monster: La Chupacabra,it will expand your horizons.It covers everything from crop circles, synchronicity, the crystal skull, ancient high tech, space/time anomalies, alternate dimensions, alien abduction, death of the 5th sun, etc., etc., etc....

The Big Book of Urban Legends
223 pages | Publisher: Other (January 1, 1995) | Language: English | ISBN: 1563891654 | Factoid Books | Format: CDR | 120 MB

Urban legends--those apocryphal, happened-to-a-friend-of-a-friend stories of such outlandish incidents as "the microwaved pet" and "alligators in the sewer"--are inherently fun, but they've never been as
entertainingly presented as in this collection of some 200 told in comic strip format by a stunning variety of artists drawn from the comics mainstream (e.g., Howard Chaykin, Keith Giffen, Dick Giordano), underground (e.g., Tina Robbins, Justin Green, Shary Flenniken), and everywhere in between. Although the contributors' work is of uniformly high quality, some of them relate the tales in realistic, deadpan fashion, whereas others take a cartoony approach that exaggerates the already outlandish nature of the yarns. An introduction and commentary by urban folklore scholar and entrepreneur Jan Harold Brunvand (The Vanishing Hitchhiker [1981] et seq.) legitimizes the project, but as Brunvand points out, comics are just another manifestation of the same popular culture that spawned the legends in the first place. All told, the big paperback is a promising, affordable launching of DC Comics' new Paradox Press imprint.

The Big Book of Vice: True Tales of Humanity's Worst Habits!
191 pages | Publisher: DC Comics (September 1, 1998) | Language: English | ISBN: 1563894548 | Factoid Books | Format: CDR | 117 MB

From undoubtedly one of the best quality comic-book series ever comes the Big Book Of Vice: fans of this incredible series know all too well that what's to be expected here is a very-in-depth look into the subject (vice) with the aid of some of the best contemporary comic-makers around. Your illustrated journey includes: tobbaco. Its superbly interesting history plus the all (not) too well hazards it pertains to as well as all the marketing trickeries involved in its spread. prostitution. Again, its history as the "world's oldest profession" (you'll discover stuff beyond imagination on this one) plus the wide spectrum of vice and illegality it brings with it.. gambling. Probably the most spectacular and eye-opening section of the book. Check out the stunningly imaginative scams of lotteries, pro-betters and pro-cheaters, card playing, and some of the most infamous bets ever made! and a "general" section on vice which even includes the "danger" posed by comics as seen by some of society's less liberal sectors. As usual, drawn with tremendous gusto and funny as hell, this is a proud addition to the series. Even if your acquaintence with this series begins here be warned: odds are you will be hooked. And yes, i'd take a nice lil
wager on that too. Precious stuff.

The Big Book of the Weird Wild West: How the West was Really Won!
192 pages | Publisher: DC Comics (August 1, 1998) | Language: English | ISBN: 1563893614 | Factoid Books | Format: CDR | 108 MB

One of the many "Big Books" from Factoid Press, this volume delivers up a multitude of disturbing, humorous, and crazy tales from the West of yesteryear. Cleverly (and sometimes graphically) illustrated, this book would probably not be a good read for anybody who believes that the Old West was John Wayne-esque, where the good guy always won the duel and got the lady. The real West was more like a spaghetti western, where even the good guys were cut from a dubious cloth. Included in this volume are the stories of the ill-fated Donner Party (who were forced to dine on one another), Six Gun Slade (whose treatment of his opponent was surely an inspiration on Quentin Tarantino), Liver-Eatin' Johnson (the name says it all), Cowboys vs. UFO's, the slaying of a prehistoric bird in Arizona, and many, many others. Perhaps most amazing was how frequently people crossed the line from outlaw to lawman- it's almost as if being a murderer or train robber was a necessary prerequisite for a law enforcement job! The role of blacks, women, and homosexuals is discussed with refreshing frankness, and the clash between Anglo, Spanish, and Indian cultures is addressed as well. This book is entertaining and educational at the same time, and highly recommended to anybody with the slightest interest in what went on in the real Old West.

The Big Book of Weirdos
224 pages | Publisher: DC Comics (April 1995) | Language: English | ISBN: 1563891808 | Factoid Books | Format: CDR | 86 MB

Close on the heels of The Big Book of Urban Legends comes a companion volume of comic-strip biographies of a motley assortment of 67 crackpots, visionaries, despots, prophets, performers, and others whose peculiarities supposedly elevate them above mere eccentricity into the realm of the truly bizarre. It is not as successful as its predecessor, in which the urban legends theme allowed the cartoonists to develop succinct little narratives. It's not as easy to encapsulate the life of, say, Ivan the Terrible, in 35 panels. Moreover, the choice of subjects is too disparate: weird is too mild a word for Adolf Hitler, and other strips simply focus on the unconventional sides of such successful people as Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. The most interesting profiles are of the most obscure figures, such as flagpole-sitter Shipwreck Kelly and fitness freak Bernarr McFadden. Still, the book does showcase another stellar lineup of comics artists whose styles range from photorealistic to cartoony and nearly all of whom do justice to the personages they portray.

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