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Скачать The Big Book of Grimm бесплатно

The Big Book of Grimm
CBR | English | 81 MB

Once upon a time… two brothers decided to collect and write down all the folk tales and bedtime stories parents told their children. Believing they were doing this for the benefit of generations to come, the brothers soon realized the stories were filled with all manner of grisly torture and torment. But this was GOOD, the brothers knew - for these were cautionary tales, and the lessons to be learned by their telling could not be stressed too strongly. The Brothers Grimm published their tales, and all was good in the world...

But society decided the stories were TOO violent, TOO grisly, TOO grim for childhood consumption, and undertook to eliminate the graphic terror and violence. Over time, the tales were transformed into innocuous, sanitized shadows of their former selves, and society sat back and smiled a satisfied smile. All was good in the world...

Until now! The Big Book of Grimm: Read it to your kids... when they're BAD!


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