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Скачать Fansadox Collection - 5 comics бесплатно


Size:~ 4.74 MB
Format: PDF
Pages: 47
Language :English
Drug Lord Miguel Diaz rules his criminal business with ruthless despotism. He has everything: power, money and women. But he needs a scientist to develop new, evil drugs and help him to stay in business …Miguel Diaz has made his choice… Dr Clara Stevens, a young scientist recently appointed to the US National Drug Agency.Soon the young scientist is kidnapped. Nobody knows that she's traveling to the Jungle in a private jet. Inside a cage! "…I need a cunt like you to suck my dick and run my lab. Never owned a blond cunt before."The journey from the airport to Diaz's hacienda is not so comfortable…
On top of her duties as a scientist, Mrs Clara Stevens will perform as sex slave of the Drug Lord along with Cristina, a dark haired beauty already a slave of Diaz.The first days are not easy…The nature of Mrs Clara Stevens' first tasks have little to do with the laboratory...The young Chemical Engineer doesn't break easily. Her rebelliousness only adds to the pleasure that her owner experiences breaking her in...

Size:~ 3.12 MB

Format: PDF
Pages: 52
Language :English
The taming of young Isabel goes
on as harsh as ever in Prison Gerai......and in the meantime, in old Europe,
begins another nightmare of perverted sex
pony girl

Size:~ 3.67MB

Format: PDF
Pages: 32
Language :English
This is the complete story as it first appeared in FANSADOX now reedited in one deluxe album. Plus 5 hors-text ponygirl masterpieces by the same author.In the very same cemetry in which Beatriz was weeping for her mother’s death, Doctor Cuervo spoke to his step-daughter..."Now that my wife is dead, you will replace her…"Beatriz, red-eyed, looked up at her stepfather. She did not understand."The University is over. You will come home and look after me and my prick. After the mourning, we’ll get married." She slapped him in the face, startling the priest. Doctor Crow carried on, unaffected. He took a mobile out of his raincoat and in the midst of a great silence:"Unhinged Stables? Doctor Crow here. Procede with my daughter as agreed. And have her ready within a week."

game over

Size:~5.97 MB

Format: PDF
Pages: 51
Language :English
The rising young tennis player Tania Kurokova is the sensation of the professional circuit. Everybody watches every move she makes - the press, sportswear manufacturers, tennis fans, they can't take their eyes off her, on or off the court. Everything Tania does is news. Her beauty, her glamour and her sexy provocative clothes are as newsworthy as her brilliant tennis...
Professionally, Tania Kurokowa is very near the top, but she's not quite there yet. She has never won a Grand Slam...
This time, she swears, it will be different. She is meeting Linda Lloyd, an older black player, in the final.
The day before the final, Linda's father offers Tania a considerable sum of money if she will lose the match...Her answer is clear enough...Tania wins the finalThat night
Revenge is sweet, in the classic Cagri style...

slave clones

Size:~ 3.70MB

Format: PDF
Pages: 47
Language :English
The year is 2045. Mail Order Sex Toy, or M.O.S.T., is a fast-growing company which has developed "pseudo-humans" by advanced biotechnology.
Pseudo-humans are "born" as adults aged eighteen. In all other respects they are as intelligent and emotional as normal human beings.
But these clones are special. They have been given their own personalities, tastes and individual memories, all programmed in their brains.
M.O.S.T. has used its bio-engineering expertise to create a breed of pseudos that have only one purpose - to serve as helpless sex slaves for rent. Their tolerance to pain has been lowered, which means that they suffer more. But their stamina has been increased, so that they rarely break down even when subjected to the most terrible, perverted, sexual abuse...


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