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Скачать [Comic] Grimm Fairy Tales / Book 8 бесплатно

Grimm Fairy Tales 8

Grimm Fairy Tales / Book 8
English | Full Colored | CBR | 12.9 MB | 23 pages
Written & Created by: Joe Tyler and Ralph Tedesco
Illustration: Chris Moreno
Colors: Chris Moreno
Lettering: Artmonkeys’ Melanie Olsen
Design: David Seidman
Cover: HG Young
Editor: Ralph Tedesco

Description: A small time drug dealer hustles in order to take his wife and daughter out of a bad neighborhood but when he steps on the toes of a local gang leader he realizes that the life of his family is in danger. And the only refuge he might find is through a fairy tale…
Jack’s family is starving and he does the only thing he knows in order to solve the problem, he sells their last cow for… magic beans!? But when the beans in fact prove to be enchanted, Jack finds more treasure than he would ever need. Has his luck changed for the best or will his newfound greed prove to be fatal?


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