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Скачать Takahashi Rumiko-Ranma 1/2{manga(English)} бесплатно

Takahashi Rumiko-Ranma 1/2 manga(English)

Takahashi Rumiko-Ranma 1/2 ''
VIZ Comics| from 1993 to 2006| JPEG| 38 books(each book around 150-200 pages)| 646 mb

On a training journey in the Bayankala Mountains (Bayan Har Shan) in the Qinghai Province of China, Ranma and his father, Genma Saotome, fell into the cursed springs at Jusenkyo (loosely translated, it means Springs of Sorrow). Each spring is associated with a story about someone or something that drowned in it hundreds or thousands of years ago, and anyone who falls in a spring is cursed to turn into whatever drowned in that spring whenever they come in contact with cold water, although they keep their original minds, personalities and skills in the new form; hot water reverts the cursed to their original form. Genma fell into the Spring of the Drowned Giant Panda, and Ranma fell in to the Spring of the Drowned Girl.

Upon returning to Japan, Genma informs Ranma that he has been engaged to a girl that he has never met when only a few blocks away from that girl's house. At the same time, Soun Tendo tells his three daughters that one of them is to marry Ranma (whom they have never even heard of) in order that the Tendo dojo might be carried on. When they first meet Ranma, they see him in his female form. This causes some confusion until Akane Tendo sees Ranma in his male form (after walking in on him in the bath) and finds out that he becomes a she upon application of cold water. The two older sisters push the engagement on the youngest sister, Akane, since she "hates boys" (due to the rude ways they treat her at school), "and Ranma is half girl." Thus begins the love/hate relationship between Ranma and Akane that lasts for the rest of the series.

This, combined with multiple suitors for both Ranma and Akane, many strange forms of martial arts, and the various curses of many of the cast members, makes this a bizarre series.


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