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Скачать Sokal-Canardo - French BDz - 16 albums бесплатно

Sokal-Canardo - French BDz - 16 albums

Canardo (Une enqute de l'inspecteur) | French BDz | 16 albums | dition Casterman
JPG | French | 254 Mo

L’inspecteur Canardo s’est dfinitivement impos au panthon des grands privs: alcool, cigarettes, perspicacit foudroyante, et humour dsabus, rien ne manque au hros, pas mme ce je-ne-sais-quoi dans le regard qui bouleverse les petites ppes, en l’occurrence, pas des oies blanches...

CANARDO was probably the world's first private duck dick, or at least the first to appear regularly ("canard" of course, is the French word for "duck.") He's gathered a large cult following in Europe, where his parody/salute to the hard-boiled genre has been appearing for years.Violence abounds, and it gets surprisingly dark, even noirish at times.
It may look like Disney, but this one ain't for kids, folks. Sure, humans and humanoid animals mix freely, but this is a particularly seedy, nasty world, full of drunken nights and morning-after philosphizing, where and questions of existential angst and race and class are played out with a cast psychics, mad dictators, evil scientists, and psychotic thugs, all of various species.
Rumpled trenchoat, butt jammed in his beak, the weight of the world on his shoulders, scotch on his breath, this is one hardboiled waterfowl.

Sokal- Les enqutes de l'inspecteur Canardo

    Canardo-T00-Premires enqutes
    Canardo-T01-Le chien debout
    Canardo-T02-La marque de raspoutine
    Canardo-T03-La mort douce
    Canardo-T04-Noces de brume
    Canardo-T06-La cadillac blanche
    Canardo-T07-l’ile noye
    Canardo-T08-Le canal de l’angoisse
    Canardo-T09-Le caniveau sans lune
    Canardo-T10-La Fille qui rvait d Horizon
    Canardo-T11-Un misrable petit tas de secret
    Canardo-T12-La Nurse Aux Mains Sanglantes
    Canardo-T13-Le Buveur En Col Blanc
    Canardo-T14-Mare noire
    Canardo-T15-L’affaire belge

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