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Скачать ExtraLife Comic Strips 2001-2006 бесплатно

ExtraLife Comic Strips 2001-2006 by Scott Johnson

(From Wikipedia)
In 2001, ExtraLife originally began as a web comic based on all topics in the realm of geekdom, everything from video games, technology, to movies...The humor comes primarily from jokes on computer games and/or internet slang. It is drawn in a post-modern surreal style by hand and colored in Photoshop. Some of the humor does veer off into toilet humor at times. Users have participated in making the punchlines on occasion. In January 2007 MajorSpoiler.com featured ExtraLife in their top 57 webcomics, ranking ExtraLife the 9th best webcomic online.

Image formats: JPG, GIF and PNG.

Parts: 19.5 + 14.3 Mb, no password


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