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Скачать [Comic] Grimm Fairy Tales / Book 4 бесплатно

Grimm Fairy Tales 4

Grimm Fairy Tales / Book 4
English | Full Colored | CBR | 14.8 MB | 23 pages
Written By: Joe Tyler & Ralph Tedesco
Pencils & Inks: H.G. Young
Colors: Transparency Digital
Design: David Seidman
Letters: Artmonkeys
Cover: Al Rio

Description: A mother resents her infant son, a young girl is in jeopardy of losing her unborn child and a mysterious stranger connects the women’s souls through an abiding tale…
When a desperate father lies about his daughter’s gifted ability it immediately puts the girl’s life in danger. Her only salvage may be found in a deal with a hideous dwarf who offers to help her for a tremendous price.
The classic story of Rumpelstiltskin gets the Zenescope treatment and delivers yet another shocking twist for fans of this intriguing series.


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