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Скачать Indian Summer бесплатно

Milo Manara, Hugo Pratt, Javier Coma, "Indian Summer"
Nantier Beall Minoustchine Publishing | ISBN-10: 1561631078 | 1994 | 154 Pages | PDF | 77,5 MB

Hugo Pratt is a gifted writer, a natural born story-teller. Milo Manara is an equally gifted and talented artist. Together they recreate true and accurate colonial history based on one small episode of conflict between Native Americans and the Puritan settlers. The Native Americans become individuals, the settlers and townsfolk are vividly portrayed. The friendships and the ultimate tragedy born of misunderstandings and human foibles (on both sides) unrolls before the readers eyes in an unforgettable manner. This is gifted storytelling in a graphic novel format that provides insight as well as entertainment. -- Midwest Book Review

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