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Скачать Batman: Battle for the Cowl Storyline Compilation бесплатно

Batman: Battle for the Cowl Storyline Compilation
Eng | RS | 17 CBR | DC Comics | 207 MB Total

Batman: Battle for the Cowl is the title of a three-issue comic book limited series published by DC Comics. Written and penciled by Tony Daniel, the story details the chaos in Gotham City after Batman R.I.P. and Final Crisis due to Batman's perceived absence and abandonment by the public. His disappearance is actually caused by the character's apparent death at the hands of Darkseid in Final Crisis, which causes dissension in the ranks of his allies and enemies who fight for the right to become the new Batman. While the core story is presented as a self-contained within the limited series, however, DC has published a group of related stories in various one-shots and limited series. These limited series and one-shots, a total of seventeen (17) issues, altogether comprise the Batman: Battle for the Cowl Storyline.

In preparation for this storyline, the titles Nightwing, Robin, and Birds of Prey have been cancelled, and Batman and Detective Comics have gone on hiatus for three months beginning in March 2009. The entire 17-issue storyline, neatly and symmetrically book-ended by two Gotham City Gazette titles, are as follows:

* Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead? (May, 2009)
* Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1-3 (May - July, 2009)
* Battle for the Cowl: Commissioner Gordon (May, 2009)
* Battle for the Cowl: Arkham Asylum (June, 2009)
* Battle for the Cowl: The Underground (June, 2009)
* Battle for the Cowl: Man-Bat (June, 2009)
* Battle for the Cowl: The Network (July, 2009)
* Secret Six #9 (July 2009)
* Oracle: The Cure #1-3 (May - July, 2009)
* Azrael: Death's Dark Knight #1-3 (May - July, 2009)
* Gotham Gazette: Batman Alive? (July, 2009)

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