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Скачать Daredevil Noir #1-3 (Of 4) бесплатно

Daredevil Noir #1-3 (Of 4)
Eng | RS | CBR | Marvel Comics | June 3, 2009 | 41.1 MB Total

Daredevil Noir is 4-part miniseries of Marvel Noir, a 2009 Marvel Comics metaseries combining elements of film noir with the Marvel Universe. A metaseries includes stories which reference each other and some overall similar chronology, cast, and/or background, but are not similar enough to be considered direct sequels. It is an alternate take on the character's mythos in a setting suffused with film noir elements: Manhattan immediately after the depression era presented in dull colors and hues blending into dark backgrounds with a gritty, hard-edged storyline entitled "Liar's Poker."

The Great Depression has ended, and a mysterious world has emerged. The mob, the power-hungry, and the corrupted all rule and hope seems long gone. This world desperately cries out for heroes, and they get them; recognizable but in ways you never expected! These are people who must make a stand and find the hero – or the villain – in each of them. Who will rise and who will fall? Murder, mystery, and mayhem surround this hard hitting, razor-edged world. Welcome to world of Marvel Noir.

Daredevil Noir #1 - Released April 8, 2009 | 25 Pages | 13.8 MB
“LIAR’S POKER,” PART 1 - The latest addition to Marvel’s red-hot Noir line offers a unique spin on the Man Without Fear! Prohibition-era Hell's Kitchen is Kingpin territory, and until now, his only problem has been the masked vigilante known as Daredevil. When gangster Orville Halloran arrives on the scene, fresh from a stretch in Sing Sing and eager to stretch his wings, Hell’s about to get hotter. For P.I. Foggy Nelson and his loyal assistant Matt Murdock, it all starts when a desperate woman comes to their office with an irresistible story about her and Halloran. To Foggy, she's a client -- to Murdock, she's enough to make Halloran Daredevil's next target. But Murdock is about to find out that half-truths are poison truths, and that the Kitchen is full of history that will put him on a collision course with both the old Kingpin and the man who wants to replace him.

Daredevil Noir #2 - Released May 6, 2009 | 27 Pages | 13.6 MB
“LIAR’S POKER,” PART 2 - The latest addition to Marvel’s red-hot Noir line offers a unique spin on the Man Without Fear! Prohibition-era Hell's Kitchen is no place to be a blind man, but it's tailor-made for a vigilante. On one side, you've got the Kingpin; on the other, Orville Halloran, fresh out of Sing Sing and ready for war. Daredevil has tangled with both of them before, and as temperatures rise in the Kitchen, a third player comes to the table: the Bull's-Eye Killer. Who does he work for -- Fisk or Halloran? Murdock needs to find out, and fast, for the sake of the mysterious Eliza. But there's more to her than meets the eye...

Daredevil Noir #3 - Released June 3, 2009 | 27 Pages | 13.7 MB
“LIAR’S POKER,” PART 3 - The Bull's-Eye Killer is on the loose in Hell's Kitchen, and every corpse draws Daredevil deeper into the brewing war between Wilson Fisk and Orville Halloran, the Man Who Would Be Kingpin. Guided by the unerring accuracy of his senses, Daredevil plunges toward a confrontation with Halloran -- and a devastating revelation. Sometimes the truth does not set you free. Written by Alexander irvine and drawn by Tom Coker. -- marvel.com


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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