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Скачать Captain Britain and MI13 Annual #1 бесплатно

Captain Britain and MI13 Annual #1
Eng | RS & MU | CBR | Marvel Comics | June 3, 2009 | 35 Pages | 15.9 MB

Captain Britain and MI: 13 is an ongoing American comic book limited series from Marvel Comics, written by Paul Cornell, with art by Leonard Kirk. The series centers on the fictional British government agency MI: 13, which is dedicated to protecting the United Kingdom from supernatural threats. The main strikeforce is led by the superhero Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), and consists of various Marvel Comics characters that are of British descent or have a connection to the country. The ongoing series launched as a tie-in to the Secret Invasion event in May 2008. The series will cease publication with issue #15. This annual issue features Captain Britain's wife Meggan Puceanu in "The Harrowing of Hell", an integral part of the series' current story arc "Vampire State."

Annual Issue Description
Meggan is Captain Britain's wife, an X-Man in Hell. And she's going to fight her way home. Over years, bargains, battles, with only her love to guide her. Can she get back to Earth in time to help her husband turn back Dracula and his evil invasion? And is that a metal gauntlet offering a hand? Don’t miss this key part of “Vampire State”! Plus: MI13 delves into the secrets behind British Magic. Written by Paul Cornell, penciled by Michael Collins and lettered by VC-Joe Caramagna. -- marvel.com



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