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Скачать Elektra: Assassin #1-8 Complete бесплатно

Elektra: Assassin #1-8 Complete
Eng | RS | 8 CBZ | Epic (Marvel Comics) | 76.8 MB

Elektra: Assassin is a seminal eight-issue miniseries published by Epic Comics, an imprint of Marvel Comics, from August 1986 to March 1987. It was written by Frank Miller and illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz. This series is part of the mainstream Earth-616 continuity. Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz were at their most popular level with comic book fans when this series was released (around the same time as Batman: The Dark Knight Returns) and it was very well received. This series is the first time that famed Bill Sienkiewicz used water colors as opposed to the traditional pencilling then inking method. His exaggerated art is unique amongst recognized comic book artists of his time. Miller's plot was considered too adult in content to be approved under the "comic book code" rating system. Instead, it was released under Marvel's affiliate Epic Comics, known for producing material that would not be appropriate for children. Even though Daredevil does not appear in this series (Matt Murdock does), I include it with the other previous posts of Daredevil because (1) Frank Miller wrote it and (2) Marvel did publish a hardcover entitled, "Daredevil/Elektra: Love and War" in 2003 that includes the original Love and War graphic novel and this miniseries.

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