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Скачать Escape From Wonderland #0 (Of 6) бесплатно

Escape From Wonderland #0 (Of 6)
Eng | RS & Hotfile | CBR (1985 x 3056 pixel scans) | Zenescope Entertainment | July 1, 2009 | 33 Pages | 77.9 MB
+ All the Grimm Fairy Tales Series Comic Books Complete

Escape From Wonderland as Zenescope would have it, seems to be the final chapter in its hit Grimm Fairy Tale spin-off Wonderland series, that started with Return To Wonderland followed by Beyond Wonderland. Storyline heroine Calie Liddle returns home for the first time since escaping the realm of madness that is Wonderland and is haunted by the horrific memories trapped within the walls. She bravely prepares to enter Wonderland one last time on a desperate mission to rescue her daughter. Issue #0 serves as a prologue to the planned six-issue limited series (7 if #0 is counted). As a must-read it is filled with fun extras such as a hospital report on the blood bath that took place in issue 6 of Beyond Wonderland and character bios on everyone from the Red Queen to the Jabberwock complete with each character's special abilities and powers.



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