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Скачать Enemy Ace: War Idyll (Graphic Novel) бесплатно

Enemy Ace: War Idyll (Graphic Novel)
Eng | RS & Hotfile | CBR | DC Comics | 1990 Edition | 104 Pages | 44.9 MB

Enemy Ace is DC Comics property about the adventures of a skilled but troubled German flying ace in World War I and World War II, Hans Von Hammer. The character first appeared in Our Army at War # 151 (February 1965) in a backup story that quickly gained popularity. As a World War I pilot flying for the Germans, his stories are told from their side of the war, in which Hans von Hammer was a man of honor and chivalry, a flying knight in his Fokker Dr.I, but he was haunted by his duties and the constant death surrounding them. Created by Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert, the Enemy Ace was taken loosely from the real-life Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen, and was the first U.S. comic book using the enemy's point of view to look at war...

Both the Enemy Ace and the Red Baron flew Crimson Red Fokker DR1 Triplanes. Both were of aristocratic blood. Both awarded themselves a trophy with each downed enemy plane. Both were the highest scoring flying ace of the First World War. The main difference between the two was that Von Hammer survived to old age, whereas Von Richthofen was shot down and killed before the war ended. The character's stories have been praised as among DC's strongest war stories of the Silver Age of comic books, and may rightly be the antecedent of the dark, unyielding, brooding character that became the template that is Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Enemy Ace was revived for a few graphic novels, the first of which is this, written and drawn by George Pratt, where Hammer is revealed to have lived until 1969, dying peacefully upon turning over his memoirs and concluding his interviews with a troubled Vietnam War veteran-turned-journalist.

ENEMY ACE: WAR IDYLL is an exquisitely painted work that boldly exhibits the mental anguish and emotional despair that afflicts war veterans throughout their lives. While being interviewed by a Vietnam vet, Enemy Ace, the greatest combat pilot of World War I, relives the horror of his fighting days. As he relives his adventures as a German pilot, it becomes apparent that although separated by generations and having fought in different wars, these two men suffer from the same emotional affliction. In its graphic nature, this book reveals that some of the greatest casualties of war are the survivors. Written by George Pratt; Art by George Pratt -- dccomics.com solicitation

In 2008, Enemy Ace was featured in Bruce Jones' The War that Time Forgot, a twelve-issue limited series that naturally has been posted complete by yours truly, here.



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