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Скачать I Am Legion # 4 (Of 6) бесплатно

I Am Legion # 4 (Of 6)
Eng | RS & Hotfile | CBZ | Devil's Due Publishing & Humanoids | 36 Pages | 24.5 MB

I Am Legion is a comic book miniseries that is the result of a partnerwhip between Devil's Due Publishing and Humanoids. In it French writer Fabien Nury, and American artists John Cassaday and Laura Martin, team up to bring audiences an elaborate tale set in the WWII era about a young girl whose super power is the center of a secret experiment. The story arc spans six issues, supposedly to be released on a monthly basis; issue #4 however is 2 months late. If you ask me it may yet be worth the wait.



Please, No Mirrors

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