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Скачать Robot 13: Colossus! #1 (New Ongoing) бесплатно

Robot 13: Colossus! #1 (New Ongoing)
Eng | RS & Hotfile | CBR | Blacklist Studios | Summer 2009 | 29 Pages | 9.86 MB

The crew of a fishing vessel makes an unusual discovery, something like looks like the dead body of a diver in an old, unusual suit. Their discovery stirs something else up from the depths below, a huge, kraken-like creature that cuts a bloody swath through the crew. Luckily for the captain, the “dead diver” awakens, and armed with weapons from the boat and incredible strength, he rises to the defence of his rescuers. Thus goes the debut of Robot 13: Colossus #1 (abbreviated to R13 on the cover), written by Thomas Hall with art by Daniel Bradford and published by Blacklist Studios, obviously inspired by both Atomic Robo and Hellboy, but with other smart and interesting stuff going for it. The cover date of Summer 2009 masks the fact that this was originally due to be released last June yet.



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