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Скачать Rasl #5 (Ongoing) бесплатно

Rasl #5 (Ongoing)
Eng | RS & Hotfile | CBR | Cartoon Books | July 15, 2009 | 28 Pages | 11.5 MB

Rasl is a new ongoing stark sci-fi series published by Cartoon Books written, drawn and lettered by Jeff Smith, the visionary writer and artist behind the epic fantasy Bone and Shazam: Monster Society of Evil. The title character Rasl is an art thief searching for his next big score--and trying to escape his past. Where other thieves plan their heists with breathtaking precision, Rasl has an ace up his sleeve--he can travel through the light between dimensions, affording him access to museums that no ordinary thief could access. Yet the subtext is decidedly adult; Rasl smokes and and drinks to ease the discomfort he feels after jumping in and out of different realms; he has various sexual relationships with women (possibly with different versions of the same women) who are shown in various stages of undress; and Rasl's body is constantly abused, whether by physical altercation or voyaging through the Drift, leaving him very bruised and bloody at times. The tech explored here is interesting, and the storyline that focuses on a brilliant scientist on the path of becoming a multiverse art thief with bad habits makes this series, with its original 32-page-per-issue quarterly period of publication, worth the wait. With this issue, Jeff Smith has decided to reduce the page count to 24 in an attempt to keep the book on a bi-monthly schedule.

Time is running out for Rasl, the world's first inter-dimensional art thief. He must surrender his secrets or spend eternity chasing the lizard-faced killer through parallel worlds trying to save the people he loves. Hunted and confused, Rasl keeps his date with the parallel universe's version of his ex-lover Maya. And what an evening it is! Contains Mature Content. (W/A) Jeff Smith -- Issue #5 solicitation



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