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Скачать Descendant #1 (Of 3) бесплатно

Descendant #1 (Of 3)
Eng | RS & Hotfile | CBR | Image Comics | July 15, 2009 | 31 Pages | 28.3 MB

Wanted: Inca Prophecy Girl. No, not Ampata, but Rayne: a girl with a chip on her shoulder, possessing super powers, and willing to serve justice to the people. Lieutenant Rayne, tortured by her past and devoted to serving justice, is believed to be the manifestation of an old Inca prophecy. After her buried past seeks out to find her, Rayne must confront her personal demons and travel the distance to fight new ones. Will she make it in time to save her people? Better yet; will her people let her save them? Descendant #1 is a rich, interesting debut for a 3-issue mini-series with great artwork and published by the Shadowline imprint of Image Comics.

Believed to be the embodiment of an ancient Incan prophecy, and exiled years earlier for abusing her own powers, Rayne Santiago must confront the past she has been running from her entire life if she hopes to not only win back the trust of her people, but also rescue her brothers. Story by Michael Dolce, Marcus Perry; Art by Mariano Navarro -- Solicitation, imagecomics.com



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